Fully Protective Face Shield Visors

COVID-19 has become the new mother of invention.

In recent months, we’ve come to rely on one simple yet powerful weapon against the novel coronavirus. The face mask - an indispensable piece of armor - is a part of everyday life during the pandemic.

When coupled with a safety face shield, also referred to as a face shield visor, it can virtually eliminate the risk of infection. Face shields are reusable, adjustable and made of scratch resistant PET material. They fit comfortably and provide an additional layer of defense by blocking up to 99% of contaminated respiratory droplets.

People all around the US can now work in a safer environment with double the protection of a medical mask when supplemented with a face shield. This transparent face shield visor will have you feeling at ease in the office, classroom and anywhere else.

These multi-purpose, full cover face shields are made of high-quality PET material. The protective face shield visors are designed to cover your whole face from splashes and respiratory droplets. The plastic face shields come with a flip-up screen module, making these face shield visors perfect for everyday use. The PET plastic face shield visors come with an adjustable elastic strap to fit every head size. The forehead band of the face shield is foam padded for extra comfort.

Get these lightweight safety face shields to stay fully protected from contaminated and unwanted fluids, whatever the circumstance.

Advantages of our protective face shields and masks:

1. Ergonomic fit
2. Safeguards against droplets
3. Quick & easy to clean
4. Reusable
5. Deters face touching
6. Fits over medical masks & glasses
7. Supplements medical masks
8. Prolongs the use of medical masks

Face Masks

This year, face masks have become our most important public accessory. We now use 129 billion face masks globally on a monthly basis. Regardless, a lot of people wear face masks wrong, rendering them ineffective.

Follow these simple steps to get the best of your mask: never pull the mask down, don’t wear it below your nose and avoid touching it with your hands.

Anti-Droplet Safety Face Shields

Safety face shields and face masks have complementary functions. Medical masks provide a tight fit around the mouth and nose while filtering air from harmful particulates. Anti-droplet face shields significantly lower contamination of face masks and provide triple protection: nose, mouth as well as eyes.

According to a study, protective face shields reduce exposure by 96% immediately after a cough. The plastic face shields also reduce surface contamination of regular masks by 97%. The study shows that, “face shields reduced inhaled viruses by 92%, similar to distancing alone...”

Plastic face shield visors by themselves don’t offer complete protection from infectious disease. They do protect the eyes and face from large respiratory droplets produced in sneezing, coughing, loud talking or laughing. However, they don’t protect from micro aerosols which can remain in the air for up to 3 hours inside a poorly ventilated room.

This is the reason why healthcare professionals wear dental face shields, for instance, along with medical masks.

Foam-Padded Protective Face Shields

Our foam-padded face shield provides maximum comfort while covering your full face and deterring you from habitually touching your face.

Foam-padded face shields prevent the wearer from touching their face mask and spreading virus particles to exposed areas such as the eyes. They also shield the wearer from other people’s microbes coming into contact with the eyes, nose and mouth. They’re made of a solid barrier which blocks virus particles from passing directly through.

These safety face shields are an ideal alternative if you have trouble breathing with a face mask on or suffer from skin irritation but still want to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria.

Face shield visors can be extremely helpful for people who can’t wear respiratory masks due to medical reasons.

Face shields are most effective when worn along with medical masks.

PET Plastic Flip-Up Face Shield Visors

PET flip-up face shields are a sturdy, breathable and splash-resistant method of face protection. They also shield medical masks from surface contamination and prolong their usage.

The primary function of the flip-up safety face shield is to restrict respiratory droplets and aerosols from entering the body. Front-line health workers need to wear this face shield visor along with a medical mask for the extra level of protection it provides.

Research states that coronavirus spreads through the large droplets expelled from a person’s nose or mouth. Wearing the flip-up shields will prevent floating particles from entering facial orifices.

With the combined use of a face mask and face shield, you can decrease your chances of becoming infected through your airways (nose, mouth, throat, lungs) and the eyes.

The shield prevents droplets from getting into your eyes whereas medical masks offer no such protection. Plastic face shields guard against bodily fluids that get expelled into the air from sneezing or coughing.

Face shield visors are frequently used by frontline workers who need to take special precautions not to contaminate the environment or persons they are near. This is why we most commonly see them on medical and service personnel.

The goal is to get people to keep their own germs to themselves, in addition to protecting themselves from others.

“Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Viruses use these avenues to infect.”

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The benefits of using a face mask and a face shield visor

Though COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc around the US and across the globe, there is no medically-approved vaccine to fight the virus as of yet. For the meantime, we want to encourage lifestyle adjustments to stay as safe as possible. Wearing plastic face shield visors and medical masks while outdoors, frequently washing hands and practicing social distancing are the primary preventative measures against infection.

Face masks are a must-have in the battle against the novel coronavirus. As we develop smarter ways to reduce the risk of transmission, more and more people are choosing to wear safety face visors to maximize safety.

Face Mask

Face Shield


Covers nose and mouth


Covers eyes, nose and mouth


Disposable, short usage span


Reusable after being disinfected


Requires touching of face to adjust


Deters touching of the face


Complicates communication


Full facial visibility


Can cause difficulties breathing


Comfortable to wear and breathe

Extra benefits:

Additional barrier
Safety face shields act as a barrier in situations where people can’t avoid close interaction and could be exposed to contaminated respiratory droplets expelled by talking, coughing, sneezing, etc.

Additional protection
Coupled with face masks, plastic face shield visors significantly lower the risk of infection by completely covering the entire face - from forehead to chin.

More Air
Thanks to an opening at the top and base, face shields direct your breath up or down and not directly at other people while simultaneously allowing you to breathe fully.

Face visors enhance visual communication between people, making conversations easier and more natural.

The face shield visor is made for comfort and breathability so you can wear it for long periods of time.

Easy to wear
Our protective face shield is lightweight, comfortable and designed to be worn like a cap. The flip-up visor easily slides open so you won’t have to worry about taking it on and off in excess.

Similar to dental face shields, our visors are made of scratch resistant PET material. They will last indefinitely with proper care as they are designed with durability in mind.

Compatible with glasses
Face shield visors will leave you sufficient space to wear any style of prescription glasses without hindrance. You can carry out important tasks without having to compromise between safety and function.

Face shield visors are designed with consideration to indoor and outdoor activities alike. They can also serve as a wind and debris deflector when cycling or commuting.

Personalize your face shield to represent your brand’s colors, logo and more. Contact us via phone (844) 833-1188 or send your custom design to

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Where to use these face shields

Safety face shields qualify as personal protective equipment (PPE) and are often worn by doctors and health care professionals in hospitals.

However, face shield visors are also for those who work in close proximity with people. This includes personnel like cashiers in supermarkets or customer service representatives at banks.

Frontline workers who take care of COVID-19 patients wear face masks along with plastic face shield visors for added protection.

It’s now standard to utilize a dental face shield to supplement a medical mask for activities such as going to the grocery store or taking a short walk at the park.

Those who have to come in close contact and interact with people in retail shops, gyms, clinics or elsewhere should wear a medical mask along with a face shield.

They’re a life-saver for office and manufacturing workers who work in close quarters, students and professors who attend crowded campuses, farm workers who deal with food and anyone who wants to regain their smile and identity! The benefits are clear.

Our Mission

We have a solution.

Prioritizing health is paramount as we face off with the reality of a global pandemic. That’s why we’ve invested in ergonomic face shields for people’s safety.

As a leading sign-making company in Los Angeles, we temporarily stopped our regular business operations and started producing protective face shields to help the nation put an end to COVID-19.

Taking into account our resources, our top priority became to provide a simple yet powerful solution that would make going out into the world significantly safer.

This is a completely non-profit campaign. All our proceeds are put towards the production of new face shield visors which will be donated to healthcare providers serving on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19.

We have already donated 700 protective face shields to hospitals in LA County but we don’t want to stop there. We aim to donate as many dental face shields as possible throughout the nation but we need your help to achieve this.

By ordering a dental face shield visor, you donate to hospitals in need and give a helping hand to our heroes.

Join us in our mission to overcome COVID-19 together.

What do the doctors say?

Eyes, nose, mouth - all those mucous membranes are the portal into the body for a virus like Covid-19 or SARS” - Dr. Mary-Luoise McLaws: Professor of epidemiology, health care infection and infectious diseases control

It only takes one contact with the mucus membrane to inoculate yourself with the coronavirus. The advice should be ‘absolutely do not touch them!’ If you never touch your facial mucous membranes, you’re less likely to be sick again from any viral respiratory infection.” - Dr. William P. Sawyer: Physician, Creator of

Not touching the face is the one behavior that would be better than any vaccine ever created… It’s the most effective way to prevent a pandemic.” - Dr. William P. Sawyer: Physician, Creator of

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    Is a protective face shield as effective as a face mask?
    Keeping safety guidelines in mind, many are opting for medical masks and dental face shields to keep themselves safe from infection. Face shield visors are widely accepted as personal protective equipment (PPE) by the medical and scientific community. They serve as an effective tool to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Plastic face shield visors cover the whole face instead of just the nose and mouth and therefore minimize the risk of transmission from confirmed cases and asymptomatic carriers alike. They are most effective when used as a supplement to medical masks.

    What is a face shield and how is it different from a face mask?
    The main component of a face shield visor is the transparent plastic visor that covers the whole face. This is a vital feature as face masks only cover the nose and mouth although transmission is also possible through the eyes. The safety face shield comes in various designs and can be worn like a helmet that fits your head with adjustable straps. Due to its transparency, people wearing face shields can carry on conversations with more comfort and ease. It’s also an ideal option for the hearing impaired.

    What are the pros of face shields compared to face masks?
    A reasonable comparison cannot be made as protective face shields and medical masks are designed for different purposes. They are most effective when used in combination. For logistical purposes, we have offered a descriptive answer below.

    Safety face shields double your defense when used with face masks. They block direct respiratory particles, reducing exposure by 96% within 18 inches of somebody at the onset of coughing or sneezing.

    Dental face shields are reusable unlike face masks. By washing with soap and water or disinfecting, the face shields can be used indefinitely. They also reduce the surface contamination of medical masks, making them last longer and thus more sustainable and economically viable.

    Face shields are also cost-effective. In comparison to medical masks, face shields are a worthy investment due to their longer shelf life. They also increase the usage period of face masks so you can cut back on waste and purchases.

    Safety face shields are comfortable.Face masks come with rubber band straps or strings which can be quite uncomfortable at times. Face shields don’t have such issues as they are worn around the forehead with padded and adjustable bands.

    Most importantly, face shields cover the eyes. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and enters directly via airways or mucous membranes. Mucous membranes include the eyes. By covering your eyes, you accomplish two things: 1) prevent the habitual rubbing and touching of the eyes and 2) block virus particles from making direct contact with them.

    Neither shields nor masks are substitutes for one another — they each have their own applications and are best used as supplementary pieces.

    Would it increase a person's safety if a face shield were worn? Absolutely! The PET plastic of the face shield visor fully blocks fluid particles from reaching the face. This is a powerful means of reducing the risk of contamination. Would it increase a person's safety if a face shield were worn? Absolutely! The PET plastic of the face shield visor fully blocks fluid particles from reaching the face. This is a powerful means of reducing the risk of contamination.

    Would it increase a person's safety if a face shield were worn?
    Absolutely! The PET plastic of the face shield visor fully blocks fluid particles from reaching the face. This is a powerful means of reducing the risk of contamination.

    Do safety face shields reduce the need for face masks?
    No, protective face shields are not intended to replace face masks. Face shields serve a different purpose from medical masks.

    Plastic face shield visors do offer a number of advantages. These face visors keep particulates from getting in your eyes and also keep masks from getting contaminated as quickly. On the other hand, a medical mask filters the air you are breathing and covers the lower part of your face with a tighter fit.

    These plastic protective shields are a good COVID-19 preventative measure alongside face masks, hand washing and social distancing. Face shield visors are not commonplace in public just yet. However, as the pandemic continues, more and more people are starting to consider protective gear like dental face shields.

    Why don't they just replace masks with shields?
    Safety face shields protect your eyes but are open at the base so contaminated aerosols that float around in poorly ventilated spaces can pose a risk.

    What works best is a properly fitted medical mask with a dental face shield over it. That way, the mask isn't contaminated as quickly and you are less likely to get respiratory droplets or virus particles in your eyes, mouth and nose.

    Do social distancing measures mean that neither masks nor face shields are necessary?
    The short answer is no. Studies show that a cough or sneeze can travel further than 2 meters. Other studies show that breathing and talking are also ways that a virus can spread beyond the recommended social distance which is why group meetings are banned in many places. The best way to reduce your risk of infection is by following the combination of safety measures recommended by health experts.

    Is hand washing more important than wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)?
    Both are important. There are ongoing studies that suggest viruses can remain on different surfaces for a few hours to days. Washing hands when returning home and disinfecting door handles, bags and anything used outdoors can be helpful in eliminating viruses from these surfaces, thus lowering your chances of contamination.

    How to clean safety face shields?
    After wearing a face shield, it’s very important to sanitize it frequently. To do so, after taking it off, sterilize it with soap and water, a disinfectant or other household cleaner. This will eliminate viruses and bacteria so you’ll be good to go!

    To clean foam-padded safety face shields, first make sure you wash your hands. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the front side of the shield first and dry it with a clean paper towel. Then turn the shield over to wipe the inside the visor and continue until the entire product has been wiped down. Allow it to dry off in a clean, ventilated space or with a paper towel.

    Can retail workers be protected by wearing face shields?
    Even after following all safety precautions, no one is guaranteed certainty. However, if retail workers or any other personnel wear a safety face shield along with a medical mask and maintain social distancing guidelines, they can exponentially reduce the risk of infection.