Best Face Mask For Coronavirus: Why You Need A Face Shield

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What makes the Foam-Padded Face Shield the best in the market:

  • Prolongs the use of medical masks
    • Without a face shield, masks must be discarded after 3 hours
  • Protects entire face from respiratory droplets
    • Viruses are spread in aerosols and contaminated droplets
  • Extended top of head coverage
    • The foam pad prevents passage to the eyes
  • Elastic head-strap
    • Easy to adjust for all head sizes 
  • Clear HD optics for full visibility
    • May also be worn over prescription glasses 
  • Anti-scratch surface
    • High quality PET ensures longevity 
  • Comfortable and light-weight for long use
    • Designed with doctors in mind
  • Best price for quality
    • This product is intended to last
  • Multi-purpose usability
    • May be used against viruses or home remodeling, etc
  • Donations made for every purchase
    • Proceeds are used to donate shields to doctors 
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The face shield is intended to help prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus. Used along with medical face masks, the face shield makes the best face mask for virus protection. It is advised to be used in crowded or enclosed spaces when it’s not possible to keep a social distance. The face shield is optimal for people working in the service and healthcare sectors.

What Mask is Effective for Coronavirus 

Why You Need a Face Shield 

Virus protective shields

Single-use medical masks should be replaced as soon as they are damp. Even the best face mask against a virus can’t protect you longer than a few hours. After the recommended time expires, the outer part of the mask is considered infected. As you may already know, the virus can be transmitted through contamination of the eyes as well. Regular respiratory masks don’t (and can’t) cover your eyes or prevent you from touching your face, so the risk of getting infected is still high. 

Now you may wonder, “What face mask should I use for coronavirus?” When used in addition to a regular medical mask, the face shield ensures increased safety for your face and eyes, equipping you with the best mask against coronavirus. Unlike single-use masks, you can disinfect and reuse the face shield. Furthermore, when used simultaneously, it can prolong the safe usage of respiratory face masks.

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Face Shield Specifications

The face shield is a product designed with quality in mind, custom made to be the best face mask for airborne viruses when used along with medical masks. 


foam-padded face shields

The face shield is made of PET material - a strong, lightweight and clear plastic which is also used for food and beverage packaging. The head strap for the padded option is inlaid with soft textured foam reminiscent of a sponge, while the flip-up version has a thinner fabric consisting of a mixture of nylon and polyester. These are added in order to provide extra comfort and prevent the shield from hurting sensitive skin, especially during extended use.



Multi-purpose face masks

The design of our face shield provides an ample range of adjustability for your convenience. The length of the face shield strap can be customized for best fit. The back of the strap is made of elastic fabric in all three versions to relieve pressure during longer wear. For the flip-up variation, the clear plastic face of the shield slides up and over the head without sticking up, exposing the face when necessary so you don’t have to take the whole thing off.


One of the main advantages of the face shield is that it can be disinfected and reused. There are two simple steps to clean the plastic surface of the face shield:

  1. Wash with water and soap using a clean cloth or paper towel to take off any contaminants, dust, or debris.
  2. Use appropriate disinfectants or wipe it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. 
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What Is the Best Antivirus Face Mask to Protect Your Eyes 

full face protective shields

In comparison with multiple other options like goggles, the face shield has a lot of advantages that make it the best mask to wear for coronavirus in terms of eye (and face) protection:

  • Provides more comfort and doesn’t hurt the area around the eyes
  • Fits well regardless of differences in head and face size/shape
  • Can be worn in combination with other face/eye protectors
  • Doesn’t impede either verbal or nonverbal communication
  • Can be disinfected easily and reused indefinitely with proper care

Prevention is better than a cure! So if you were curious as to which mask is the best for coronavirus, our answer is a doctor recommended medical mask accompanied by the face shield for full face protection. It will exponentially increase your chances of preventing the spread of the infection resulting from contamination of the eyes or touching of the face.

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