Is There a Cure for Coronavirus: 5 Key Points Explained

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Is coronavirus treatable? This question worries everyone even if they are not infected with COVID-19. Here are 5 key questions answered about the treatment of coronavirus. 

1. Is There a Cure for Coronavirus 

The short answer is no. There is no specific medicine for coronavirus yet. Doctors use certain drugs to help the organism fight against coronavirus. These drugs are meant to be used for other infectious diseases like HIV. In severe cases when the illness affects the lungs of the patient, ventilators are used to help control breathing. 

Prevention is better than a cure. The use of face masks, hand sanitizers, and other preventive measures should be practiced to protect yourself and those around you. It’s also wise to use virus face protectors to shield the face from direct splashes. 

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2. Can You Recover from Coronavirus

According to, more than 79% or 427,871 people recovered out of the overall closed cases as of the 13th of April. Out of over 1.3 million active cases, 96% of patients have mild or no symptoms, so there is a good chance that you can recover from COVID-19.

3. How to Alleviate the Symptoms of Coronavirus  

As indicated by statistics in most cases, people infected with the novel coronavirus have mild symptoms. They may not even need medical care. Here are the steps advised by the World Health Organization that you may follow to ensure quick recovery while you are self-isolated. Note that these measures are meant to alleviate the symptoms and don’t answer the question of how to treat coronavirus.

  • Rest well and regulate your sleep
  • Keep warm
  • Drink a lot of water, fresh juice and warm liquids like herbal tea
  • Use an air humidifier in your room
  • Take a hot shower to ease a sore throat

If you are developing more serious symptoms, seek medical care immediately. Call your doctor and tell them about the possibility of being infected and follow their instructions. 

You can also read this article on “What Are the Symptoms of the Coronavirus: Everything You Need to Know to find out if you or your loved ones may have contracted the infection.

4. Is There a Vaccine for Coronavirus

is there a vaccine for coronavirus

No, there is no vaccine for Coronavirus as of yet but hopefully, it’s on its way. Quarantine and restriction strategies only help to slow down the spread of the pandemic. For now, there are over 35 companies and institutions that are working towards creating the much-needed vaccine. Some of them have already started testing it. 

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5. How to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Before scientists answer the question of how to cure coronavirus, there is one thing that all of us can do to contribute to their efforts. That’s the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you are infected or suspect to be, there are certain measures to take not to infect those around you.

  • Self-isolate from members of your family in case you develop even mild symptoms.
  • Use masks, face shields, and other PPE not only to protect yourself but as not to infect others in case you have to be in close contact with anyone.  
  • Call your doctor before going to the hospital and follow their instructions.

What is the treatment for the coronavirus? We don’t have a certain answer yet, but hopefully, we will have one in the near future. Can you recover from coronavirus? The stats show that there is a good chance for recovery.

To sum up, all we can do now is wait until the scientists create the cure or vaccine against the novel coronavirus. In the meantime, we should prevent the spread of the infection by following security measures like staying home, using hand sanitizers, keeping a 6-meter social distance, and wearing medical masks. Here is an article on the “Best Face Mask For Coronavirus: Why You Need A Face Shield to get a better idea of how to protect yourself and people around you. 


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