What is Coronavirus? 4 Key Questions Answered

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1. What is Coronavirus infection?

The Coronavirus infection, known as COVID-19, is a disease caused by a recently-discovered type of coronavirus. The disease affects the human respiratory tract and exhibits symptoms similar to the common flu. This is the most widespread coronavirus description so far.

The World Health Organization (WHO) exhorts people to have detailed information regarding what exactly is the coronavirus, what measures to take to avoid it and how it spreads. WHO has announced COVID-19 a pandemic!

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2. Why is the infection called Covid-19?

Covid-19 is the abbreviation of the ‘Coronavirus Disease 2019’. The disease was officially denominated on February 11, 2020. The word ‘Covid’ is segmented from three words - ‘corona,’ ‘virus’ and ‘disease.’ 

2019 is the year when the first cases of the infection were recorded and it was declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020.

To find out about Covid-19 symptoms, move on to read, ‘What Are the Coronavirus Symptoms?’

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3. How did this new Coronavirus appear?

The Covid-19 outbreak began in Wuhan, China in December, 2019. Several hypotheses are circulating regarding how this virus was spread to humans. 

According to the first one, it was connected with a ‘wet market’ selling wild animals, both dead and alive. The original source is considered to be bats that contain a lot of zoonotic viruses. 

The other study states that the first individual with Covid-19 got ill on the 1st of December and had nothing to do with the seafood market. 

Medical institutes and investigators are tracing the history of the disease along with known facts to come up with the most accurate hypothesis.

4. How does Coronavirus spread?

A lot of people are Googling,  ‘is coronavirus airborne’ and ‘is the coronavirus contagious?’ They want to learn more about the main characteristics of this disease to figure out which safety precautions to follow.

Read on to learn about how coronavirus spreads.

  • The virus spreads by people’s close interactions. The infected person coughs or sneezes and passes on the virus. This is the main answer to how coronavirus is transmitted.
  • The virus also spreads when a person touches an object or a surface with virus infected particles on it and then touches the mouth, eyes or nose. This is the second answer for how you get the coronavirus.
  • The virus may be transmitted even if the person doesn’t have any symptoms though this is not the main way the coronavirus spreads.

To avoid the infection, protect yourself with appropriate personal protective equipment. To get more information, refer to the article entitled, ‘Best Face Mask for Coronavirus.’

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