Face Shield With Flip Up Visor

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Grabbing a medical mask before leaving the house has become a part of our everyday routine along with the classic wallet and keys combo. Which item is worthy of being the next addition?  As the use of face masks grows among the population in the US, we’ve decided to fortify...
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Grabbing a medical mask before leaving the house has become a part of our everyday routine along with the classic wallet and keys combo. Which item is worthy of being the next addition? 

As the use of face masks grows among the population in the US, we’ve decided to fortify their benefits with a lightweight face shield with a flip up visor. It’s the perfect component to ensure that the largest number of people have full protection and comfort at their disposal.

These anti-splash face visors are highly effective in covering the entire face from contaminated respiratory droplets. As we know, our world is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. The disease is transmitted primarily through the mouth, nose and eyes. For this reason, these areas need extra protection. The flip up visor face shields safeguard the eyes as well whereas regular face masks only cover the mouth and nose.

The flip up visor face shield is made of scratch-resistant and splash-proof PET material. It comes with a flip-up screen and an adjustable elastic strap to fit every head size. The forehead part of the strap is inlaid with nylon for added comfort. You can even wear these face shields over glasses to do your day-to-day work.

Whenever you’re out in a crowd, defend your face with a face shield along with a medical mask for extra protection. 

We're here to make protective measures easier, safer and more convenient.

Flip-up face visors to protect the entire face from fluid droplets.


Protects full face from splashes
Flip-up visor
Elastic head strap
Nylon forehead band for comfort
Can be used with glasses
High definition PET
Anti-scratch surface
High transparency

Benefits at every angle

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we sanitize the things we use. Hygiene and social distancing are essential parts of anti-virus safety now. People wearing face shields in public places or outdoors are a common sight these days. 

Our flip-up face shield has an innovative design to safeguard against infected aerosols. It’s compatible with standard N95 masks for efficient defense from particulate matter whenever needed. 

This premium face shield with flip up visor is a multi-wear, reusable protective gear to make your daily routine more active, healthy and enjoyable - no matter where you find yourself.

It gives you a whole new level of design for protection, breathability and comfort.

If you're tired of walking around looking like an ER doc, your ears are always sore or you just keep forgetting your mask when you go to the store... you're the reason we made this flip up safety shield!

The flip up visor face shield is no ordinary protection.

It’s perfect for places where you’re not required to wear a medical mask but want to ensure safety from particulates that spread through the air. You can leave the house with this flip up face shield and drive mask-free, then put your regular mask on underneath the visor before entering a store. This way, you’ll virtually eliminate the risk of infection. You may be the only one around with adequate eye protection.

Extra Benefits:

Maximum protection

The flip up face shield gives a sense of safety in crowded or confined spaces where social distancing poses a challenge. Provides eye protection unlike regular face masks.

No shortness of breath

Smooth and reliable breathability. Lightweight and comfortable to wear without any obstruction of airflow or lack of oxygen. No carbon dioxide build-up.

Sweat-free comfort

Our flip up face shields prevent humidity and reduce uncomfortable heat. Even at the peak of summer, you’ll forget that you’re wearing anything extra! 

Enjoy a seamless fit

The ergonomic design ensures that the flip up face shield will fit you like a glove. No more uncomfortable headaches or excess face touching.

See-through design

Let’s experience, see and share emotions again. The visor is made of fully transparent PET material, giving your face and surroundings a high degree of visibility.

All day comfort

Light weight flip-up visor with adjustable and soft band. No need to take the whole shield on and off your head. Perfected design for comfort during long wear.

Zero pressure straps

Our flip up safety shield is created with people’s concerns in mind. We’ve integrated zero-pressure elastic straps to ensure less tension around the ears.

Reusable protective shield

We care about our customers and use only the highest quality materials. The shield is made of reusable and scratch-resistant PET and a soft nylon band.

Easy to clean

It’s never been easier to sanitize a shield. Cleans with water and able to withstand most surface disinfecting agents.

Custom design

For 100+ orders, companies can request branded protection. Our designers can create shields that depict your corporate logo, colors or whatever else you prefer. 

Cost and waste reduction

This flip up face shield is cost-effective and relatively eco-friendly. It’s long-lasting and produces the lowest amount of waste compared to the following products: 

Comparison Chart

Surgical Masks (2-3 hours) Respiratory Masks (2-12 hours) Washable Masks (48-72 hours) Flip Up Safety Shield (indefinite)
1 month $56 $105 $30 $16.99
6 months $354 $630 $180 $16.99
1 year $708 $1260 $360 $16.99


Use as directed to shield your face
This product is not impact resistant
It’s designed to guard against fluids only
This product is not a medical mask
Intended as an extra layer of protection

Who would benefit from wearing a face shield with a flip up visor?

This flip up visor face shield is suitable for urban residents, service workers, commuters and asymptomatic individuals.

We also work with corporations that want to provide protection and branding for their employees and customers. With us, businesses have the option to buy in bulk and adjust the design to fit their brand!

Science corner!

Unfortunately, COVID-19 doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. With schools commencing shortly, we want to ensure that there are safe solutions for the youth demographic. 

CDC director Robert Redfield predicts that the United States could get the spread of the novel coronavirus under control within a matter of four to eight weeks if everyone wore face coverings. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 80 percent of infectious diseases are spread by hands. The face shield with flip up visor will prevent you from habitually touching your face and spreading the virus.

We take around 20,000 breaths every day and air is essential for our survival. When we breathe poor quality air, it can severely damage our health and contribute to asthma, respiratory diseases, cancer, strokes and even death. The flip up face shield visor provides a breathable, comfortable and stylish solution for all age groups.

Our mission

Our hope is that flip up face shields will incentives  more people to wear protective gear in defense of COVID-19 and be comfortable doing so. 

The flip up face shield eliminates the burden of carrying a mask, constantly taking one on or off or having to replace it. It further provides optical defense and minimizes the touching of the face. This is our thoughtful solution for our customers to encourage them to wear a shield without imposing a costly and daunting routine. 

Face Shield With Flip Up Visor

$16.99 $22.99 ( / )